(Who's Pushing)  

This fun, enthralling and imaginative performance, inspired by creation myths of the origins of Earth and life, plunges the audience young and old into a new world suspended, between earth and air, on a moving frame of bamboo and cotton. Two characters, like new animals, come alive to explore their new world with aerial acrobatics and songs in an imaginary language. And as their new world moves, pushes and erupts they discover new games, tame their environment and learn to enjoy each other’s company.


£9 (£7)

Qui Pousse Agor Drysau
approx. 35 mins
Suitable for ages 3-8 years

PLEASE NOTE - Seating is unallocated for this event and the audience will sit on the stage floor around the performance area. No seating is provided (unless required due to mobility issues).

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