KT Tunstall



+ DJ Wozza Woz (support)

We are thrilled to announce the incredible KT Tunstall, live at Cardigan Castle this summer!

Since exploding onto the scene in 2004 with her smash hit debut album, platinum selling Tunstall has enjoyed success after success with countless hits, numerous awards (Ivor Novella and Brit Awards, Grammy and Mercury prize nominations) and a number of her songs being used in TV shows and films (including The Devil Wears Prada).

Following the loss of her father and her divorce, Tunstall relocated to Venice Beach, California. After a period of reflection, she underwent a kind of creative rebirth and her desire to make records and tour was reignited. Now two thirds of her way through a trilogy of albums, evoking, in sequence: spirit (KIN), body (WAX) and mind (TBC!), Tunstall recently performed a series of sold-out headline shows across the UK and US and toured with The Pretenders, Simple Minds, Barenaked Ladies and Gary Barlow.

This summer, touring the enthusiastic, emphatic and downright sensual rock’n’roll adventurism that is WAX, across Europe and the US with an all-female band, expect to see a mesmerising live artist at the top of her game, a rock-pop troubadour, and one hell of a show! “Making this record” beams KT Tunstall, “that felt really good.”


Killer folk-rock melodies and chord progressions; lyrics rich with emotional intelligence, candour, self-awareness and bite and vocals of immediacy
The Sunday Times
From the moment she strikes the first meaty chord of her new album, KT sounds visceral capturing the grit of her live shows
The I
WAX provides a gritty collection of classic rock-pop
The Sun

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