Cyd-Gynhyrchiad Theatr Mwldan | Gerard Kilbride Co-Production 


Ten of Wales’ finest traditional singers and musicians star in this special performance that explores and celebrates the roots and heritage of folk music in Wales, the influences and relationships that have kept it alive, and the geography, language and culture of a musical nation. Illustrating how traditional music evolves through being shared and played, the chain is a sequence of interlinking solos and duets, combining a variety of instruments and musical styles, and creating unique interpretations and combinations of Welsh music.

Whether you’re new to Welsh folk, or an established fan, you can enjoy a fabulous experience in the company of who’s who of the nation’s traditional artists - Gwyneth Glyn (Ghazalaw), Robert Evans (Bragod, Pwngk), Delyth Jenkins (DnA, Aberjabber), Dylan Fowler (Taith, Alaw), Gwilym Bowen Rhys (Y Bandana, Plu), Gwenan Gibbard, Jamie Smith (Mabon, Alaw, Barrule), Patrick Rimes (Calan), Stephen Rees (Ar Log, Crasdant, Triawd) and Beth Williams-Jones (Calan).





Supported by the Arts Council of Wales, Welsh Government and the National Lottery.



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