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Tour Dates: 2 – 10 May 2009


Samir Joubran oud

Wissam Joubran oud

Adnan Joubran oud

Yousef Hbeisch percussion


Following their stunning UK premiere in Wales three years ago, we are thrilled to welcome back Le Trio Joubran. These three young Palestinian brothers – Samir, Wissam and Adnan - are sons of a master oud craftsman from the Biblical city of Nazareth, and the worlds only oud trio. For their second visit to Wales they are joined by percussionist Yousef Hbeisch whose artistic contribution brings a new depth and richness to the music. With their skillful, heart-wrenching improvisations that evoke the landscape, culture and people of Palestine, the trio conjure up harmony and sweetness, depth and joy. On stage, their eyes meet and their instruments unite to express that which the spoken word cannot. Between musical ecstasy and sumptuous silence, the trio carries its audience from elation to melancholy. Their overwhelming stage performances are both precise and overflowing with emotions that will take your breath away.


All three brothers are virtuosos, but Wissam, aged 25 is exceptional as the first stringed instrument maker from the Arab World to graduate from the Antonio Stradivari Institute in Italy. Wissam personally crafted the three brother instruments played by the trio, bringing a total of six brothers to the stage! Together, they form a mesmerising musical unit with an intense connection, punctuating meditative melodies with fiery, percussive rhythms and contemplative, poignant silences. Their repertoire, made up of original creations and magnificent improvisations, is rooted in their knowledge of traditional maqâms and their subtle interpretations. But they are also influenced by contemporary flamenco and jazz guitarists such as John McLaughlin. Since being nominated for the 2004 Django d’Or awards, selected for Womex 2004 and Strictly Mundial 2005, the trio has been living a musical adventure taking them all over the world including Carnegie Hall in 2006, and the Jerusalem Festival and WOMAD in 2007. Please give this unique group a warm welcome on their return to Wales.




Tour Venues:

Aberystwyth Arts Centre

Cardigan Theatr Mwldan

Cardiff St David’s Hall

Pontardawe Arts Centre

Milford Haven Torch Theatre

Caernarfon Galeri

Harlech Theatr Harlech

Brecon Theatr Brycheiniog

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